Strategy as Code TM

More signal, less noise.

Project to Process

predictability by stabilizing continuous process

Agile is not as complicated as people make it out to be. The essence lies in managing continuous process. What the business needs first and foremost is predictability, something more reliable than the promises coming out of the time-money-scope project management bundle.

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Value Stream Cost Accounting

To reduce costs, identify what constitutes waste

Value stream mapping is a framing device used to put activities in the context of objectives. Starting at some trigger point, activities are mapped to a sequence of steps leading to an objective where something of value to a customer is realized. When a sequence of similar activities takes place over time, we can use the mental model of a stream to conceptualize a process which produces predictable outcomes.

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The Value of Value Streams

be sure to create more value than you consume

If there’s one thing you should know about your value streams, it’s if they create more value than they consume. Once you know how to determine operating costs and to ascertain the value of services provided, that won’t be a problem. We’ve discussed the cost side of the equation in the previous post, now let’s focus on valuation.

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